Georgian Peak Property

A showreel my friend, Luke Levene, and I did to try to tempt Savills in to using film to show the potential buyer the house in most detail.

Oliver Gerrish presents Georgian Peak Property

Oliver Gerrish on ITV's The Taste Tour

Well I do love Olive Oil!

Oliver Gerrish introduces himself on the taste tour.

Oliver Gerrish on the Titchmarch Show

On Alan Titchmarsh - filmed very early in the morning...I seem to be half asleep!

Inspired by Downton Abbey, Oli Gerrish joins Alan to talk about Georgian property

Fairytale Georgian Townhouse party

One of the many Georgian Townhouse parties my friend Sophie Edmonds and I organised at The Georgian Group - this one was 'Fairytale' - other themes have been; 'Anarchists and Revolutionaries','Royalists', 'Nabobs', 'Chinoiserie', 'Hellfire' and others.

A Ball at the Georgian Group headquarters celebrating 10 glorious years of the Young Georgians With performances by the Dashing Footman, Quadrilles from the Hampshire Regency Dancers, and Emma Lister, Lady Greys Productions as the Sugar Plum Fairy. The guests attended as their Regency selves. 

Oliver Gerrish's Georgian ball - 4th December 2014

Annual Summer Ball 2012

I co- event planned the London Business School Summer Ball. We searched high and low for Victorian set pieces to creat a lavish country house interior at Number One Mayfair. We had can-can dancers, butlers, gardeners, grand gents and saucy ladies, opera singers and most of the food and drink came from Britain. We had a staff of more than 120 and were very pleased with how it went.

A short video showing the highlights from London Business School's annual Summer Ball, organised entirely by students for the whole school community (students across all programmes, staff, alumni and faculty)

The Belgravia Residents' Association's Summer garden party

I co-organised The Belgravia Residents' Association's Summer garden party. I performed as Thomas Cubitt.

Wilton Crescent Gardens, 2013

Georgian Townhouse Party

Our first Georgian Townhouse Party - organised by myself and Sophie Edmonds.

The Quadrille and Lady Macaron for Georgian Townhouse Parties by Lady Greys Productions at 6 Fitzroy Square, home of the Georgian Group and The Young Georgians

Never Be Afraid

Oliver Gerrish singing solo at Toni Castells' Life from Light at Kings Place

This performance was part of the Tete-a-Tete: The Opera Festival held at Kings Place in London on the 7th and 8th of August 2014.