Oliver combines an irresistible sense of charm with an engaging, informed passion for architecture and music. With a real flair for vividly bringing characters and buildings to life, Oliver is an exceptional talent - he is both a gentleman and scholar!
— Hilary - London
Oli brings passion, enthusiasm and a vast trove of colourful knowledge to his artfully executed tours. To visit a historic home with him is like stepping back several centuries to stop at your friend’s estate for a while.
— Peter - Brussels
With Oliver’s incredible love and knowledge of historic houses and of course his beautiful counter tenor singing, putting the two together equals a most exquisite force!! Listening to the New Georgian Opera perform at Sledmere earlier this year, well, it was like the house , the Georgian furniture , antiquities and art all resonated with the music of its time, and the atmosphere was exquisite in that house. Oliver also uses his talents in singing and events management to raise money for buildings at risk. He uses his knowledge to educate and bring life to old houses with his unique musings of past owners, scandals and all things quirky and interesting!!! He should have his own tv show that is for sure!!! A marvellous creation!!
— Elisabeth - Derbyshire
“Oliver designed a tour for us of magnificent proportions: from stately private homes, to grand museums, to secret gardens, we were treated to a veritable cultural feast for both eye and mind. And the best part of the entire experience was Oliver himself, full of unending wit and knowledge, leading us around like eager schoolchildren waiting to be shown the next fascinating bit of architecture or work of art. I can’t wait to book another trip!”
— Brice - New York